Art in Abstraction 2024

Introducing Art in Abstraction 

There are a plethora of fascinating things in our world that artists can recreate representationally in their visual voices. However, there are also several ways to express these compelling things through abstraction. By utilizing concepts we are familiar with such as form, color, composition, and so much more, artists can evoke a range of ideas and emotions as abstract art. MFA (Maryland Federation of Art) invites all artists to enter an exhibition that welcomes 2D and 3D abstract work for Maryland Hall’s Martino Gallery. This exhibition is open to artists residing in the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Mexico. All eligible fine art entries in any media will be considered by the juror. Selected works will be displayed in this MFA-organized exhibition at Maryland Hall’s Martino Gallery in Annapolis, MD from July 12 – August 15.

Juror: Filipe Assunção: Artist | Curator | Educator

Filipe Assuncao is a Portuguese painter living in Norway. He started painting very early and studied art with masters for many years, building a solid background and technique in drawing and painting. He completed a Master’s Degree in Fine Arts, concluded with the classification of Excellent, and started teaching art and curating exhibitions in 2012.

Filipe is a storyteller. He paints mostly figuratively, and his inspirations are people, and emotions, which he normally pictures together with very strong colors.

Filipe’s strong speech is immersive. Each subject represented is part of a microcosmos. His great merit is to have been able to create a new visual linguistics. An alphabet made up of signs and colors, which makes it easily recognizable in the immense and varied art scene.

He has exhibited regularly around the world since 2005 and his work is highly recognized, having received more than sixty international awards and being published in dozens of art books and magazines.

His artwork is present in museums, and private and corporate collections all over the world.

He is an active member of several Art Groups and Organizations, such as NEUTRAL-ISM Art Group, Italy, ArtCan Art Group in UK, A.N – Artists Information Company in U.K., UAVA in Spain, I.A.A. – International Association of Art.

Jury of international art competitions for Camelback Gallery in the U.S.A. since 2021.



Exhibition Schedule:

  • Feb 19 Online Entry Opens for Submissions
  • May 8 Entry Deadline
  • Jun 12 Notification @ 5 PM
  • Jul 6, 8 – 9 Accepted and Shipped Work Must Arrive at MFA Circle Gallery from 11 AM – 4 PM
  • Jul 12 Exhibition Opens
  • Jul 18 Opening Reception
  • Aug 15 Last Day of the Exhibition
  • Aug 16 – 17 Pick-up Hand-Delivered Work from Maryland Hall from 10 AM – 2 PM
  • Aug 23 Shipped Work Will Be Sent

NOTE: Should Circle Gallery or any other exhibition space be closed for reasons beyond our control, MFA reserves the right to move a planned physical exhibit to our online gallery.

User Entry Process Tutorial

Watch the video below for a tutorial on how to upload your entries.

How to Upload


Artist Conditions

  • Entry is open to artists residing in the any of the states or territories of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Entering this exhibition indicates understanding and agreement on the part of the artist with the conditions stated herein and with (a) MFA’s approved Statement of Equity and Diversity and (b) MFA’s General Guidelines. Work must meet exhibition guidelines to be included in the event. MFA may determine work ineligible if entry guidelines are not followed. Work delivered must correspond with the image(s) submitted to the juror.
  • Images of accepted works may be used at the sole discretion of MFA for promotional purposes including, but not limited to: the invitation, catalog, website, social media, or a subsequent year’s prospectus. Images will include attribution wherever possible.
  • Work cannot be withdrawn before the end of the event.


Entry Requirements

  • All work must be uploaded through File size may be no more than 10 MB.
  • For video submissions: you must put the link to the video in the Linked Web Resource field, and then upload a still frame from the video. For accepted video submissions, the artist will be expected to deliver the file to MFA on a thumbdrive.
  • To enter online, you will need an account that includes an email address and a password. There is no charge to create an account.
  • Non-member entrants who have a discrepancy between the entry fee paid and their membership status must pay the difference before the
    display date or their work will not be shown to the juror.



  • Images for the juror must correspond with the actual work.
  • All entries must be original and completed solely by the artist’s hand. A maximum of 6 original works created within the past 3 years may be entered.
  • Work previously exhibited at MFA Circle Gallery is not eligible for re-entry.
  • Maximum size of work, including edges of artwork or frame, cannot exceed 72″ in any direction. Artists may be asked to assist with the installation of oversized work (greater than 60″ or over 40 lbs.).



  • Artists will retain 70% from sales (75% for MFA Members). MFA will retain 30% commission on any work sold through MFA (25% for MFA Members at the time of the sale).
  • Work must be for sale. Work may be set to Price on Request (POR).

What is a submission?

One submission or application on is the equivalent of one entry on MFA’s old entry system, or one piece submitted for jurying. uses the terms submission and application interchangeably.

How do I enter a video submission?

When submitting a video, you must put the link to the video in the Linked Web Resource field, and you must upload a screenshot of the video as an attachment.

Can I edit my submissions after I've submitted them? requires you to select the number of submissions / applications you want to enter and to pay before entering in your image and image details. You can edit your submission details along with images you've attached up until the submission period is over. Once the submission period has ended, you cannot edit their entries in any form.

Can I add more submissions after I've paid?

You must submit a separate submission / application for each piece of artwork you wish to be shown to the juror.  You have the option to add a second or third image of the same work to your submission / application as a detail photograph This is not required.

Have the entry fees changed at all?

The fees have changed but not drastically, 1 or 2 entries are $30. Up to 4 additional entries are $4.50 each. Entry fees are non-refundable.

Who is this exhibition open to?

We invite all artists residing in any of the states or territories of the US, Canada, or Mexico to enter this exhibition.